The logo was inspired by the newly upgraded Hamamatsu detectors of the Gemini Telescopes. This was the same instrumental upgrade that encouraged the GOGREEN Survey itself to emerge. Following directly from that idea, the logo symbolizes and embodies how this equipment (and the data that is collected from it) appears to the astronomers.

The background represents the field of view of the detectors and its three chips, as well as the characteristic instrumental artifact that causes a bright spot in the middle. The horizontal lines that appear across the detectors represent the spectra that are obtained from each grating, fashioned in a “G” shape after the name of the survey. The black-to-white, top-to-bottom gradient of the letter “G” is also graphically representative of the spectra’s appearances once they are reduced and scaled by computers – each spectrum has both a positive and negative rendering, due to the detectors’ innovative nod-and-shuffle¬†technology.